2 weeks in and this is starting to feel like a real video game!

It’s been 2 weeks now and my 2D Space Shooter is really taking shape. From simple shapes and simple movement I’ve transformed this game from Zero to Hero! The best part, there is still so much more to add and improve!

The old….

The new…

As you can see, a HUGE difference and in only 2 weeks. Niiiiice.

So what exactly did it take to turn that black background blue box white sphere prototype into the much more polished game you see below? Well, let’s see what my journey has taught me…

  • How to implement an input a movement system either based on what buttons the player pushed or how to give the enemies it’s own AI movement.
  • How to use variables to store values and how to reach in and grab those values for something.
  • How to instantiate (spawn) objects in a random position, or, a position of our choosing.
  • How to add some strategy to our game by implementing things like a cooldown system (no mashing of the fire button!), ammunition limit and enemies that fire back.
  • How to use Physics in Unity — things like OnTriggerEnter and OnCollision.
  • How to make Scripts talks — this was a huge step for us, making the Enemy script tell the player script “hey, we collided with you now let me call that Damage method you have”. This changed the whole ball game for me, knowing I can have objects talk to each other during the game.. huge.
  • How to add Coroutines — make the game take a breath and delay actions. Another huge step which we put to good use with our Spawn Manager.
  • On that note, creating a Spawn Manager. Using the above Coroutine to schedule the spawn rate of the enemy. This will be huge in the up coming steps.. I see this being put to good use as the player advances through levels and spawning becomes quicker.
  • And really.. so much more.

The above was really just the beginning. But it shows how far I’ve come with this game in such a short time. I’m excited to add more to it. Things like Powerups that give the player a shield, more ammo or make them go faster. Different waves of enemies based on how far the player has gone. Heck I may even add a leveling system based on how many enemies the player kills on each level. Maybe offset their shooting a bit based on their accuracy..

I hope you will continue to follow me on this quest of mine. I’m excited to continue on!

Tomorrow I’m going to being the power up addition along with some animation of sprites. I’ll show you how in the article!

Happy Clicking!

With Unity all can be accomplished!