Immersion in video games = 0 without sound. Let’s add some!

Ok, so you have this space shooter game you’ve been working on and you are ready to release it. Awesome graphics, bright explosions, cool powerups.. great!

NO! Not great. We have no sound. Could you image a video game without sound? Think 1980’s Mario Bro’s. Pac Man. These sounds have carried on 30+ years after they were created. Everyone knows them.

Sound, to me, is the number 1 thing that makes a player get into a game. Immerse them if you will. Sure, you can have the prettiest graphics in the world, but if your laser rips through an enemy and all you hear is…. nothing, you aren’t going to be very immersed now are you.

Case in point — video games STARTED out looking miserable. Pixelated (I love that now of course!), gross ugly things. But the sound.. oh baby, that sound. If you are older like me you will remember the sound of walking into an arcade. You were blown away as soon as you walked in by the sounds of aliens shooting, Pacman munching, Mario Bros jumping.. Awesome.

Case in point. Above. Without the sound of those balloons popping, you got nothing.

Ok, maybe I went overboard with the examples, but as I said, sound is just the number 1 thing in my mind that brings a player into a game.

So, with all of that explained let’s add some sound to Unity. Here’s how.

It’s a good idea to perhaps make a sound manager. I like the manager aspects of development — Game Manager, Sound Manager etc. It keeps things nice and tidy and is easy to do. So let’s create it.

First, make an empty game object and name it Audio_Manager. On this game object we will need an Audio Source. So, add a component, Audio Source. Now with this added if you look in the Inspector you will see the things we can do. Add an Audio Clip, Play on Awake, Loop, etc. See below:

So now you have your GameManager set up.

Now, to add some background music just drag in your background Audio Clip into the Audio Clip box at the top of the the Audio Source component and you will have sound! One thing of note here, make sure you check the Loop box to ensure your music continues to play AND for background music Play On Awake so it starts up when the game starts.

I can’t let you listen to it here of course, but once my game is uploaded to beta stage you will hear it.

Tomorrow we are going to add sounds to our explosions, lasers and powerup collections. I’ll be sure to write an article on how to do these as we will need to add code.

Happy Clicking!




With Unity all can be accomplished!

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Laine Dorchester

Laine Dorchester

With Unity all can be accomplished!

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