Making your life easier in the Unity Editor…

So about a year ago I downloaded Unity to get started. For a solid 6 months I hammered away with the bright white background, clicking between Scene View and Game View and just basically being lost. Chaos!

To be fair, dark mode wasn’t free for everyone until version 2019.4.8, so I wouldn’t have had that choice. But you do! So make sure you add it:
1. When you are inside your project click the Edit drop down menu in Windows.
2. Click Preferences.

3. Click General.
4. Click Editor Theme and then select Dark.

Boom.. dark screen. Your eyes will thank me later.

Now, we have a dark screen and everything is ready! Nope… not just yet. Sure your eyes are loving you, but now let’s help your brain. Here is the default layout (but already in dark mode).

There are many problems with the default layout (for me at least). I mean sure, you can definitely work in this but let me show you a better way.

First, it is mind numbing to have to switch back and forth between Scene view and Game view. You need to have a separate screen for both so that you can see what is happening live.
See the short gif below how to move all of your windows around.

Putting your Scene View and Game View in separate windows helps!

So a run down so you understand the video above.
- First grab the Hierarchy window and drag it to the right.
- Then grab the Project window and anchor it to the right under the Hierarchy.
- Now you want to separate the Scene view from the Game view so you can clearly have both in view. Drag the Game view window to the bottom.
- Now make the Scene and Game views larger.
- The last thing you want to do is make the Project window 1 column. Leaving it at 2 columns makes it cluttered — you want a clean look at all of your files.

So… now let’s look at it in action below. You can see why the Game and Scene View being separate is so much nicer! When you add an object to the Scene view you will see it automatically populate in the Game window as well.. HANDY!

Now when you add an object to the scene you will see it populate in the game window live!

I hope this little article on having a professional layout has given your Unity feel a nicer, more professional look.

I’ve already sunk my teeth into this new game prototype and coded out the basic movement and some boundaries for our player. Tomorrow, I’ll share!

Happy clicking!



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