Time to let people play your game! Let’s build! (AND TEST!!!).

Ok, so your game is ready to go! For sure! Definitely! Ready… uhm.. maybe?

A little story. Today, I opened up my Space Shooter that I have been hard at work on. Today was the day. I was going to put a build on it and upload it to the web for family, friends and the masses in general to play. But something was tingling in my mind..

I really don’t know what it was. But I thought I would give my game one more play, just to make sure. Then, after a few minutes I noticed something. My health powerup wasn’t being collected when I had full health. Well that ain’t good… So I go into my code and figure it out.


Try again. This time I noticed that my asteroid was not set on the right order in layer. I can’t believe I missed that.


Try again. What the heck is going on here! Another bug, this time my health bar wasn’t fixing my left engine damage. Ugh. 20 minutes later.


You get my point? I have no idea what was happening but I really sat down and played. Like really. And found 3 bugs that were so plainly obvious they literally punched my face.

Any way, my point here being, please.. TEST. TEST TEST TEST. In my case I was really going to put my game up for others to play and test any way. But what if I were going to add this to my portfolio? Or worse yet, send to a game company looking for a Unity programmer?

Now that we have that out of the way, let me show you how to put your game into an exe file so you can send it to friends, etc. Let’s put a build on it!

To get started, go to File and then Build Settings. By default it will have PC, Mac & Linux Standalone selected. I’m going to be doing that for this article but in another I will show you how to build for a website.

Now, click on Player Settings on the lower left in the window. It’s a good idea to check this out as there are some settings in here that you may want to change. For example, your Company Name, Product Name and Version.

Now that we have that, note in the bottom part the Fullscreen Mode. This is an important window because if you have this set for Exclusive Fullscreen you need to understand that if you have that, you will need to code in an exit for your game. If this is set and you don’t have an Escape button your player will be locked into that full screen mode. (I will make an article on how to code that in soon). For now, let’s just set it to Winowed Mode (leave the default width and height).

There are some other settings you can play with but for the purposes of this article we will leave all else at default. Click on the Build. This will ask you to save to a folder. I always create a folder to know what exactly the build is as you may have others (mobile build, web build, etc). So I created a folder named Windows Playable Build.

Now this will compile your game and save an exe file inside this folder. You can simply double click this file to open and play your game!

Join me tomorrow, I’ll show you how to build in the WebGL so you can put the game directly inside your website!

Happy Clicking!

With Unity all can be accomplished!